About the Comic

Violet Dawn is an ongoing digital-first comic series from Waywalker Studios, telling the epic story of the realm of Avadnu. The Last People fled the legendary “world beyond” long ago; now, a young guardian leaves the only home he knows and discovers the true nature of an alien and wondrous land.


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About the Creators

Alexander Freed, Writer
Alexander Freed is a New York Times bestselling author who has spent over a decade as a writer and editor in the fields of video games, novels, and comic books. His early career involved a lengthy stint at video game company BioWare; his more recent work includes the novel Star Wars: Battlefront – Twilight Company and the upcoming Anthem comic. For more information, visit alexanderfreed.com or follow him on Twitter.

Louis Sollune, Artist
From the cold depths of Montréal, Québec and/or an accidental inter-dimensional portal, Louis Sollune grew up with French comic book heroes such as Astérix and Lucky Luke, which led him to draw his own comics at a young age. He later discovered American superheroes of Valiant, Marvel, and company, and has been drawing independent comics for 20 years, notably the massive graphic novel The Silver Cord, in between diverse creative projects including the odd portrait and even awkward stabs at poetry. Lifelong Star Trek fan, occasional video game enthusiast, and somewhat amateurish 3rd Kyu in the game of Go. See more art on his ArtStation and follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

Jeffrey “V” Visgaitis, Editor & Letterer
Jeffrey Visgaitis began conceptualizing the foundation of what would become “Violet Dawn” over twenty years ago. Since then he has run an award-winning pen-and-paper role-playing game company, worked as a miniatures designer and layout artist, and built Waywalker Studios. He manages production, editorial, and lettering for the comic. Despite not getting to work on Star Wars, he is still way cooler than Alex. Follow Jeff on Twitter or Facebook.

Additional Contributions

Gaston Zubeldia, Colorist
Gaston Zubeldia was born June 15, 1984 in the city of Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his professional career in 2007 doing marketing, illustration, and storyboard work. Later on, he began working in comics on color and ink collaborations. Gaston has worked on comics such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Silver Cord, Descur, Priest, Redacted, and Luna, among others. You can see more of Gaston’s work and follow him on Facebook.

Frank Walls, Additional Colors
Frank Walls has been creating art since the 80’s. He attended The Cleveland Institute of Art and earned a BFA in illustration. Earlier in his career he did fantasy illustrations for various companies like Fantasy Flight Games and Wizards of the Coast. Afterward he illustrated and designed book covers for authors like Jeffrey Thomas, Shane Mckenzie, Jeff Strand, and many others. He co-founded Noctis Games where he continues to work on various projects. Frank continues freelance illustration for select clients, working on personal projects, and teaching art and design. See more of Frank’s work on his personal website.

Kevin Fisher, Web Developer
An experienced WordPress developer, Kevin has been involved in scoping, quoting, and building some of the most complex WordPress projects ranging from large-scale multisite networks to advanced custom API integrations, and complex plugin development and customization. Kevin is a graduate of Kaplan University with a degree in Information Technology where he was a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. See more of Kevin’s work on his personal website.

Laure Henri-Garand, French Translator
Laure Henri-Garand is a writer and translator living in Montreal, Canada. She completed an M.A. in French literature and creative writing at McGill University and is now working towards a PhD in French and French Canadian literature at Montreal University, her research focusing on the influence of journalism on literary forms and discourses in the beginning 20th century. She has published short stories in various literary journals in Montreal and was part of the 2017 Pixelles Game writing mentorship where she learned to turn her love of video games into meaningful and efficient writing. You can look Laure up on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.