The boy Kaszek is guardian of the city of Ayul–a city built deep within a rocky fastness, ancient home of the Last People and sanctuary from the chaos of the legendary “world beyond.” Blessed with strength and trained for violence, his duty is to protect Ayul and carry the burdens others are forbidden to touch.

Recently, the mystic Sarth of Ayul revealed a troubling truth to Kaszek: the Great Seal to the world beyond is cracked, and untamed magic seeps through and threatens Ayul. The Sarth has bound the foreign magic to a talisman left by Ayul’s creators, and tasked Kaszek with carrying the talisman to the world beyond and releasing the magic back into the abyss.

For a brief time, Kaszek believed he had found the Great Seal’s mythical keeper–but he soon learned that the strange entity who aided him was something more treacherous, if equally ancient. After learning of its all-consuming desire to escape to the world beyond, Kaszek left the entity behind and continued his journey.

On the boy’s thirty-eighth day out of Ayul, he trekked through the Jungle of Faces.

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